How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Shaping Student Perceptions

March 05, 2021

f you missed The Connection, Carnegie Dartlet's 2021 conference, then you missed the roundtable discussion that CEO Emily Coleman participated in.

In the session, Emily spoke with Dave Viggiano, Jared Brickman, and Ben Arendt, all of Carnegie Dartlet, about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on prospective student perceptions and behavior. Prospective student needs and perceptions continue to shift after a year of rapid changes to the ways in which higher education institutions are able to support and engage with their students and deliver instruction. Colleges and universities have had to be nimble in their response to these shifting needs. Consolidating data from half a dozen national surveys conducted by Carnegie Dartlet over the past year, as well as our collective experiences with institutions across the country, we identified four major trends for college leaders to consider. These trends impact the strategies institutions must implement today and well into the future based on how perspectives have changed due to the pandemic. From communication needs and the importance of the campus visit, to the increasing financial impact, health and safety concerns, and the acceptance of online courses, there are implications for almost every school.

The good news is that you can now access a recording of the session! And if you would like to discuss the session or the ways we are partnering with higher education institutions to help them weather the current storm, we would love to hear from you.