HAI Analytics isn’t just a vendor. We’re your growth strategy partner.

The most effective algorithms are interpreted and adjusted in real-time, and that’s where HAI Analytics shines. We provide personalized predictive modeling solutions that enable our clients more reliably forecast and increase enrollments, net tuition revenue and alumni giving.

We founded HAI Analytics as an alternative to automated modeling software. Our clients appreciate the extra care we take to ensure that our methodology is not just effective, but understandable and easy to demonstrate.

Areas of Focus

The ability to predict enrollment is key to an institution’s health, particularly for those that are tuition-dependent. And the pressure on enrollment management isn’t just to fill the class, it is also to shape it in ways that align with an institution’s values and mission. Visit our Higher Ed Solutions Page to learn more.

With deep experience in data analytics and predictive modeling for higher education, HAI can help you answer these questions:

  • How many of your admitted students will enroll, and what the enrolling pool will look like?
  • How much revenue can you expect from first-year students?
  • What factors predict inquiry-to-applicant conversion?
  • Which prospective students are most/least likely to apply and enroll?
  • What factors best predict retention and success?
  • Which students are most at-risk of dropping out?
  • How can you admit the students who have the highest probability of succeeding at your institution?

Is your student data messy, stored in different systems, or simply tough to access? We can help with that too! Visit our Data Process Improvement Page to learn how.

In addition to building models to predict the behavior of traditional undergraduate and graduate student populations, we also work with Law Schools, on issues related to:

  • Using predictive analytics to help set and hit enrollment targets
  • Optimizing the allocation of financial aid dollars/discounting
  • Predicting and improving student success, including bar passage

To learn more about our work with Law Schools, visit our Law School Solutions Page here.

Sifting through portfolios is time-consuming, and the results are unpredictable. HAI can optimize your efforts by identifying your most promising prospects, as well as what motivates them to give. Whether you’re planning a multi-year capital campaign or setting annual development goals, you’ll grow gifts by understanding:

  • Which of your contacts are most likely to give
  • Who is most likely to become a repeat donor
  • Which messages are most persuasive, and if they vary by audience segment
  • Whether there are geo-demographic factors that will help distinguish between those most /least likely to donate
  • Which markets hold the most potential for the cultivation of new leads
Our Approach

Regardless of where you are in your analytic journey, the team at HAI can guide you through each step of the process.

HAI Analytics solutions data evaluation

Data Evaluation

Useful results start with good data

We compile your historical data, then supplement it with third-party information for an inclusive snapshot of your enrollment or fundraising outcomes. This combination ensures that HAI’s recommendations are ambitious, but achievable.

During this initial phase, you can expect us to:

  • collect, review, and validate your data
  • research and incorporate third-party information such as geodemographic data and consumer behavior
  • provide summary reports that identity patterns in the data, including threats and opportunities
HAI Analytics solutions predictive modeling

Predictive Modeling

Custom strategies to give you an edge

Using the data and insights gathered during Step 1, we build a full complement of statistical, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence models. This range ensures that the resulting scenarios are as predictable and actionable as possible.

In this phase, your deliverables will include:

  • custom-built and tested models, provided in an expedient manner
  • easy-to-understand results for you and your team
  • actionable strategies that can include as much or as little input from your team as you like
HAI Analytics solutions implementation


Ongoing guidance, optimal returns

Predictive models need to be carefully interpreted and implemented. We founded HAI Analytics to meet the needs of clients who don’t have the time or training to constantly monitor plug-and-play software.

In this phase, we will:

  • explain our methodologies to you in an accessible way
  • facilitate the implementation of strategies by you and your team
  • remain at your side to aide in interpretation, measurement, and adjustment. We’re invested in the high ongoing performance of your models.
HAI Analytics solutions ongoing partnership

Ongoing Partnership

The Human Component of HAI

While we use AI learning algorithms, we value and understand the importance of human interaction in the process. That’s why we evaluate your model intelligence on an ongoing basis, enriching the existing data with your model’s predictions in real time. This approach keeps you on track to hit your goals now, and in the future.