HAI Analytics' Partner Institution Outcomes (a 2023 Snapshot)

August 08, 2023

AI Analytics has been instrumental in helping its partner institutions thrive in 2023. Through effective strategies and data-driven insights, HAI has contributed to significant improvements across various key performance indicators. In this blog post, we will delve into the outcomes achieved by HAI's partner institutions, showcasing their impressive growth and success. Let's explore the results together!

Driving Enrollment Growth

Between 2022 and 2023, HAI's partner institutions experienced a remarkable 8.4% increase in overall enrollment. This growth was particularly notable in the case of two institutions, which saw an impressive 29% and 25% increase in entering/new student enrollment, respectively. Furthermore, more than half of the partner institutions witnessed a substantial enrollment surge of 10% or more.

Boosting Yield Improvement

The efforts of HAI resulted in an average yield increase of 1.6% points across partner institutions. A staggering 80% of these institutions surpassed their headcount goals, indicating the effectiveness of HAI's strategies. One partner, in particular, witnessed an extraordinary 7%-point increase in yield during their first year of partnership with HAI.

Supporting Revenue Growth

Partner institutions experienced a significant 13% increase in total net revenue on average. Two institutions even achieved over a 40% revenue growth, highlighting the transformative impact of HAI's support. On average, partner institutions experienced a $4 million increase in total net revenue compared to the previous year, with $1.8 million of that attributed to tuition revenue.

Enhanced Revenue per Student

Partner institutions also observed a positive trend in average net revenue per student, with a 3.5% increase on average. Notably, one partner experienced an approximate 18% increase, while another saw a 13% rise. These figures demonstrate the financial benefits that HAI's strategies brought to the institutions and their students.

Reduced Average Discount

HAI's expertise in enrollment management strategies resulted in a 0.3% decrease in average discount across partner institutions. One partner institution managed to reduce the tuition and fees discount by 6% points while simultaneously achieving a 29% increase in enrollment. This successful combination resulted in a more than 50% increase in net total revenue.

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

Partner institutions witnessed an 11.3% increase in students of color. Two institutions specifically experienced a 5% or higher increase in their entering student pool's diversity. This data highlights HAI's commitment to fostering inclusive and diverse campus communities.

In Conclusion ...

HAI Analytics' partner institutions have achieved noteworthy outcomes in 2023, thanks, in part, to the support and expertise provided by HAI. The results speak volumes about the effectiveness of their strategies and the transformative impact on enrollment growth, revenue, and diversity. As HAI continues to collaborate with partner institutions, we can anticipate even more impressive achievements in the future.

For any questions or comments, we encourage you to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!